Why Use Waterproof Plywood in the Kitchen?

The kitchen is a damp environment. In the kitchen, scenarios like the spread of moisture and steam while cooking, time to time spilling of food & drinks and other things, are inescapable. Since the wood can swell, produce a rotten stench, and also start to tear the laminates and edge beading. Using waterproof plywood from reputable manufacturers like Merino is a crucial option for the spaces like kitchens. It can be used in both residential and business interiors. 

Modern technology is used by Merino to produce plywood that offers the maximum strength and support needed for furniture. Merino plywood is comprised of high-quality native wood from India, including Poplar and Eucalyptus (Safeda), making it robust from the inside out. The precise method used to create merino plywood gives it incredible strength and tolerance to all types of climate adversities. This process also gives it a longer lifespan.

Different Merino plywood lines, including BWP Plywood and MR Plywood, offer various bestandnews that can be adapted to your demands.

Reasons to Use Waterproof Plywood

Moisture Resistance
Waterproof plywood laminate sheets are also referred to as MR grade plywood (moisture resistant). It is resistant to moisture, borer assaults, and humid environments. It is frequently used in the your-health-mart of interior furnishings, wall panelling, ceilings, etc. because of its advantageous moisture-resistant qualities.

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Boiling Water Proof
Boiling waterproof grade plywood is known as BWP grade plywood. This is also known as “Marine Plywood,” and it is totally waterproof. It is strongly advised to use this in locations where there is direct contact with a body of water. As it is particularly treated and created to withstand rotting in a high moisture state, marine building is where it is most effectively used. It can tolerate extreme conditions, such as temperature variations, changes in humidity, and alternate foodmonk and drying, and is suited for all climates.

Impact Resistance
Impact resistance and scratch resistance are both features of marine plywood’s strong exterior. gamingnewspro are popular for both residential and commercial structures because of these qualities.

If you’re looking for the best waterproof plywood in India or if you have any other questions about waterproof plywood and its real-world applications. Visit Merino Laminates’ website today!

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