Where to Find Invention Help

When looking for new invention ideas help, you should know that there are many options. Several organizations can help you promote your invention and get it noticed. InventHelp, Idea Reality, Peliton Plastics, and the United Inventors Association are a few examples. It is important to research these companies before deciding which one is the best.


Calhoun was contacted by InventHelp, an organization that helps inventors sell their products. She told InventHelp about her idea, and they contacted several companies about it. Then she was contacted by an attorney, Julie Plitt, who worked with the parent company of InventHelp. Calhoun was impressed by the company’s expertise, but was concerned that she would have to drive a long distance to Pearland to meet with the company’s employees.

The company has extensive experience in helping inventors bring original ideas to market. They can provide help with everything from finding investors and patent attorneys to getting their products to market. InventHelp has been helping inventors for over 35 years, and has continued to expand its offices and staff to better serve their clients. There are many reasons why InventHelp is an excellent choice for inventors.

One of the greatest benefits of working with InventHelp is their willingness to work collaboratively with their clients. They understand that no two inventors are exactly alike, and that each individual has a unique and valuable idea. Because of this, InventHelp works closely with inventors to ensure their product ideas get the best chance of commercial success. As a partner, InventHelp will help you launch your product into the market, and will be there to support you the entire way.

Idea Reality

Many inventions have become dependable over the years, but they were once mere ideas that a genius had to work hard to turn into a reality. Today, many people come up with incredible idea invention ideas, and the world of technology is advancing at an amazing rate. It seems like the potential is endless.

United Inventors Association

The United Inventors Association is a non-profit organization that provides free and paid membership options to inventors who wish to gain access to its knowledge base. The two membership options differ primarily in the types of resources available to members. The free membership option provides access to the organization’s online article library and the Inventors Forum. In addition, members can find information on how to find local and national organizations that support innovators.

United Inventors Association president Carmine Denisco is a member of the group. He has designed many products that are sold in retail stores, on TV shopping channels, on the Internet, and in infomercials. His company, Design Edge, has been in the toy and games industry for over 30 years.

The United Inventors Association is a nonprofit organization that supports the independent inventor community and promotes fair and honest practices in the industry. Free enrolment in its membership program serves as a sign of good faith, and UIA members are expected to engage in education and support for other aspiring inventors.

Peliton Plastics

There are several advantages to using a company like Peliton Plastics to help you with your invention. The company will provide a variety of services that will help you commercialize your best place to submit invention ideas, from intellectual property protection to manufacturing support, prototyping, and licensing. They may even be able to help you patent your invention.

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