What is a Business Consultant and What Does he Do?

Consulting is a professional service that is increasingly in demand, it is in charge of helping a business to solve a certain problem, which cannot be solved internally.

Find out what a business consultant is, their functions and how they help companies find a solution to the problems they face.

What is a business consultant?

A business consultant is in charge of carrying out an analysis and study of a specific company, its functions are to advise, guide, offer support and support on specific aspects and problems that a company cannot solve internally.

The main objective is to help other businesses to solve problems, designing solutions to drive these companies to achieve their goals. Provides answers to specific business questions.

Currently, there are a wide variety of types of consultants and the demand is increasing. They have a presence in any sector, they can be specialized in a specific topic or have a more general character.

There are a number of reasons why a company may seek the services of a business mentor consultant and require access to in-demand skills, these include:

  • Help with the resolution of certain problems.
  • Provide impartial support, for example during restructurings.
  • Get advice and a focus on specialized skills that do not exist within the business.
  • Set goals and design a strategy to achieve them.
  • Have access to expert skills ranging from strategy and operations to financial skills.
  • Help improve business performance and support to access an emerging market.
  • Define the solutions and improvements that must be made on a specific aspect.

In a few words, it is in charge of carrying out an analysis of a company and designing the necessary strategies to implement the changes that achieve improvements within the business.

Difference between consulting and business consulting

There is a common confusion between the advisory services with the services of a business consultancy, many people who are synonyms, but the reality is different.

Both concepts refer to some services subcontracted by companies to receive advice from other professionals to improve some aspects of their business. Although they may seem similar, the truth is that they offer different services.

The main difference is that the advice is used in the long term, it serves as support for a certain time, it provides legal, administrative, accounting and fiscal knowledge. On the other hand, consulting is useful for specific issues, generally a department or the company in general is evaluated to define a strategy to solve a specific problem.

What does a business consultant do?

The main objective is to help a business with a specific problem or aspect that it does not have enough knowledge to solve internally or by itself. The functions of a business consultant are numerous, but these are its main ones:

  • Analyze the core business.

One of the main functions is to obtain a global perspective of the company. Analyzing the company is essential to be able to provide a solution to the needs or problems that the business presents. This will help the consultant to understand the success or failure of said company.

Working with a global perspective helps to solve the conflict, if you do not have a broad vision of all the aspects that influence it, you run the risk of working without a clear objective, ignoring details that directly affect the problem you are facing.

  • Design a strategy to solve the problem.

Once the business analysis has been carried out, the consultant must design a correct strategy for the improvement or total solution of the problem, thus achieving the objectives established by the company.

One of the most essential steps is to carry out a SWOT analysis, understanding its weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities, to find a strategic plan that adapts to the real possibilities and needs of the business.

  • Implementation of the strategy.

Designing a strategy theoretically is the first step, but it is useless if it is not executed. The main service of the business consultant is to implement changes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In fact, the consultant looks for a way to achieve it but also applies these changes, either by modifying the habits of a department or changing the functions of each worker, thus achieving an optimization of all the elements of the company.

  • Meet deadlines.

As a general rule, a company hires a business consultant because it urgently seeks to solve the problem they face. Therefore, it is essential that this consultant meets the established deadlines to solve the problem, although these may vary when designing the strategy and verifying that it must be a long-term solution.

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