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Sneakers are shoes that are designed primarily for sports or physical activity. However, they are increasingly becoming popular for everyday casual wear. If you’re planning to purchase a pair of sneakers, you’ll need to know what the various terms mean. Here’s an example: GR stands for General Release. VNDS stands for Very Near Deadstock.

GR stands for General Release

When talking about sneakers, you may have heard of terms Mesva Sneakers Cornwall like “OG” or “General Release,” or “GR.” The first one stands for “original” or “gangster,” but it could also stand for “general release.” The second one stands for “player exclusive,” and typically refers to sneakers made specifically for basketball and American football players. These are usually much harder to find, but you can find some that have been released to the public.

GR stands for Very Near Deadstock

In the world of sneakers, GR stands for Very Near Deadstock. This condition means that the shoe has been worn only once. The best place to find GRs is at a store that sells sneakers. They will often be in the first two sizes.

PADS stands for Pass As Deadstock

In the sneaker world, “PADS” stands for “Pass As Deadstock.” This term refers to a pair of shoes that has been returned to a store within a short period of time. Deadstock sneakers are typically sold for a fraction of their original retail price. They may contain minor signs of wear, such as creases and scuffs, but they should still be in pristine condition.

VNDS stands for Very Near Deadstock

When looking for a bargain, consider looking for sneakers in VNDS condition. This condition means that the sneakers have been worn only once or twice and have no visible signs of wear or tear. This condition also gives the buyer the right to withdraw the purchase after they agree to a price.

Speed-lacing system

A speed-lacing system is a new type of shoelace system that replaces traditional shoelaces. It can provide increased comfort and support, and it adjusts to fit any shoe perfectly. This system is ideal for runners and competitive athletes because it helps to equalize the tension throughout the shoe.

Cushioned sole

A cushioned sole is an important part of a pair of sneakers. The cushioning system helps keep your foot cushioned from shocks and aches and pains while walking, running, or standing. A cushioned sole is made of two different types of materials: foam and synthetic rubber.

Leather materials

Elk leather is known for its extreme softness and breathable properties. However, the manufacturing process is highly energy and chemical intensive. Additionally, this type of leather breaks down quickly and cannot be recycled, and it does not last as long as natural leather. Newer synthetic leather materials are also being produced that use renewable fibers such as Pinatex.

Synthetic materials

Sneakers made of synthetic materials offer a variety of advantages Micky21 Sneakers Cornwall over traditional leather ones. For one thing, they’re lighter and comfortable. Furthermore, they’re breathable and help regulate heat. But while textile shoes offer these advantages, synthetic materials lack the flexibility that leather does.

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