Top BTC wallets to look for in 2022

Bitcoin has been a popular cryptocurrency across the globe. Indeed, it is no more a buzz due to several alternate options available in the crypto market today, still, this has been the prime choice for investors who look for the top BTC wallets to store BTCs. The foremost crypto made its debut operative launch on 3rd January 2009. 

In comparison to stocks at a stock brokerage, cryptocurrencies can be withdrawn from a cryptocurrency exchange and can be kept in an outside wallet. The best Bitcoin wallet will make it easier for you to store and manage your crypto portfolio securely. If you are willing to buy and store BTC and other cryptocurrencies, then you should be searching for the best crypto wallet. So to help you out in picking the right ones, we have come up with the list of best Bitcoin wallets of 2022 in this article. 

Top BTC wallets to buy and store Bitcoin


Mycelium comes as the top option as a Bitcoin wallet, especially for mobile users as it provides user authority over transaction fees, and incorporates with a hardware wallet. Some of the main advantages of Mycelium are its being open-source software, customizable transaction fees, and the capability of using hardware wallets. 

But it also comes with two major demerits, which is it only facilitates mobile users plus, users who will be using this wallet for the first time might find it confusing. It is supportive of only ERC-20 tokens, Bitcoin, and ETH. By comparing it with the Electrum wallet, there are differences with Mycelium. Factors that make it different from Electrum are it’s being mobile wallet only, a refreshed user interface, and a built-in exchange. 

Counting on similarities with Electrum, Mycelium is one of the oldest wallets in the crypto space. Akin to Electrum, the custom transaction fees can also be set by you to choose how long to wait for a transaction to be finished. Mycelium comes with more interesting features like its support for a hardware wallet. This makes users hold their BTC in an offline storage device. The user interface of Mycelium can also be used for seeing one’s holdings. 

Ledger Nano S

Coming on next is Ledger Nano S. The reason why we included it in the list is it’s being the best among the cold storage hardware wallets. The main advantage includes secure storage for a minimum price. Ledger Nano S is an open-source software acquainted with the added benefit of community and customer support. It comes with its own downsides which are the maximum storage of 3 apps and no wireless Bluetooth feature. The Ledger Nano S is known to be the first generation hardware wallet. It has been the first hardware wallet to have made its influence. This crypto wallet is supportive of more than 1800 cryptocurrencies. Since it does not come featured with a USB Type-C cable, users might have to face trouble linking to their devices. 


Coming next is Exodus. One major factor that brings it into the category of top major BTC wallets is it can be ideally used for beginners, as it is free with good customer support. The optional support for cold storage is its added advantage. The other 3 main benefits include good customer support, supporting a vast variety of cryptocurrencies, and built-in exchange. 

Talking about another popular feature of Exodus is the simple user interface which allows the swapping of 150 varieties of cryptocurrencies. With no complexity, Exodus comes as the best option for users who are newly introduced to the crypto space. 

Trezor Model T

When it comes to choosing the cryptocurrency wallet, then checking for security comes to mind. It comes with a robust security provision and a track record of any reviewed hardware wallet. Trezor Model T comes acquainted with built-in exchange and a web-based user interface. 

It comprises a huge list of supported cryptocurrencies. Having the customer and community is the added advantage of this open-source software. Looking at its downsides, it charges a higher price compared to others. Does not have a bigger oncommonground for typing. Beginners might find it confusing. 

Even though Trezor Model T is much akin to Ledger, still, it facilitates users with the ability to access third-party exchanges like CoinSwitch and Changelly in its website interface directly. 


Last on the list is Electrum. It is an open-source and secured BTC wallet that comes acquainted with advanced options and features. The two main benefits of Electrum are customizable transaction fees and a higher level of security in comparison to other hot wallets. This BTC wallet is the ideal pick for those BTC holders who are looking for robust security and a simple starwarriorcreations

Final words

So these are some of the top BTC wallets that you have been reading about in this article. To gain more knowledge on cryptocurrency wallets, log on to the Cryptoknowmics website. Here you can discover a myriad of topics on blogs and articles. 

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