Top 5 Online Marketplaces in 2022

Amazon is still the number one online marketplace, drawing over 5 billion monthly visits, followed by eBay and Shopee. The latter is the largest, with Mercado Libre coming in seventh. In Latin America, Mercado Libre is already the seventh-largest.

eBay marketplaces gmbh

With the eBay marketplace gmbh, sellers can sell products on the site through various online payment options. The payments can be made by credit card, PayPal, or through a monthly payment plan. This allows users to avoid paying shipping fees or other additional costs. The payment plan is also customizable. Users should familiarize themselves with the eBay marketplace’s gmbh User Agreement, which stipulates their rights and obligations.

eBay is one of the first online marketplaces and has helped connect millions of buyers and sellers. It has more than 1.5 billion listings and 187 million users worldwide. Its users can buy and sell nearly anything, and the site helps millions of small businesses sell their products.


Amazon is a leading online marketplace, accounting for over 50% of the global e-commerce retail market GMV. It has a worldwide reach and offers products and services in various industries, including technology, consumer goods, and healthcare. Its dominance continues to expand. Its sales were 110 billion US dollars in the third quarter of 2021, up 15% from the same quarter last year.

Despite its size and popularity, Amazon is not without competition. eBay and other online marketplaces are globally-focused, but the top two are Amazon and eBay in the United Kingdom. Together, they attract more monthly traffic than the following ten marketplaces. Many British consumers consider Amazon their “go-to” marketplace and shop on it frequently. Its website has three fashion categories, one arts and crafts category, and two homewares categories.


Allegro is one of the largest online marketplaces in Europe. The company has 125 thousand registered small, medium, and large retailers. They serve over 21 million registered customers and account for over 50% of the Polish e-commerce market. The website also publishes 90 percent of all monthly purchases.

Allegro was founded in 1999 as a small auction site but has grown into a leading platform in the region. Its current market value is 24 billion dollars and has more than 125,000 sellers, including world-renowned brands and small, local companies. Its Allegro Biznes feature allows businesses to sell their products on the site.

Allegro’s expansion plans are focused on providing greater convenience to customers. It plans to roll out 3,000 parcel lockers by 2022. The company also said that the company’s Allegro Pay customers now spend 35 percent more than before. In addition to growing its customer base, Allegro is implementing more technological solutions and building a more flexible supply chain.


Etsy is a global marketplace with handcrafted, vintage, and personalized products. The company also features various categories that cater to different tastes. With over 90 million registered users, Etsy allows sellers to reach a larger audience of potential customers.

Etsy started as an online marketplace for handmade items but has expanded into a broader range of products, including manufactured goods. The marketplace now houses many mid and large-size brands. According to estimates, Etsy has over 2.5 million sellers and over 39 million buyers worldwide. The site charges a small commission for each sale and offers an easy-to-use interface. Buyers can download items purchased through the site’s interface.

Etsy has added a new feature that allows users to post videos on their listings. This feature will enable vendors to create tutorials about their products or promote new products. As the marketplace develops, more videos will appear on the website.


Cdiscount is the ideal eCommerce platform for merchants looking to expand beyond traditional retail and gain exposure to a global customer base. The company’s unique combination of steep discounts and lucrative seller benefits has earned Cdiscount a place in the hearts of millions of European consumers. The platform allows sellers to sell lock, stock, and barrel in 40 broad categories, with nearly 2000 subcategories. Sellers can sell anything from books to electronics and everything in between. The company is growing at a rapid rate and is now welcoming sellers from around the world. To start selling with Cdiscount, you must first create a seller account. You will receive an email containing a registration link. You will need to provide the necessary personal information and identity proof. After that, you will be asked to provide information about your company. This includes the company’s legal form, share capital, and other information. Moreover, you must also provide information on your address, customer service address, and bank details

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