Top 5 Games Streaming Platforms


Gaming enthusiasts can watch video game streams live and share their gameplay with the world. There are numerous platforms for this purpose. These include Twitch, Stadia, Boosteroid, Afreeca TV, and more. Each has its pros and cons, so we’ve included them in this list in order of importance. Newegg Shuffle is a game that is played to raise money for charity. This is specially designed to donate your winnings to charity. We recommend using these services as they all offer different benefits. For those looking for a more personalized experience, we recommend Afreeca TV.


Twitch is one of the most popular online gaming websites today and has become a massive phenomenon in the last few years. According to the website, registered users are expected to reach 140 million by 2022. And of that number, nine million of them are actively streaming content. Using Twitch can open up many possibilities. Not only can you share your passion for gaming with others, but you can also earn money while streaming live video games. And as we all know, games are addictive – so much so that Twitch has become one of the world’s most popular social networking sites.

Afreeca TV

Afreeca TV has many advantages over other game streaming services. Their simple and intuitive interface makes it easy for newcomers to find what they’re looking for. It also avoids the clutter and redundancy of other services. Listed below are their six reasons for success. Read on to learn more about these streaming services. This article will explore the features of Afreeca TV and explain how they differ from others.


We have to agree that Google has been promoting Stadia as one of the best gaming platforms. We’ve heard many good things about it and even tried playing games on it ourselves. But Stadia has its flaws. For one thing, the games library is relatively small compared to other gaming platforms. It doesn’t include many popular games from the past decade, such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, or Metro Exodus. And, despite the lack of exclusive games, Stadia does have some standouts.


Boosteroid is a new game like pacman 30th anniversary streaming platform that launched in January 2019. It has nine points with powerful servers in France, Italy, Spain, Romania, Ukraine, and Slovakia. Users can choose to play games from the Top Games, New In, and Free sections. Once logged in, players can start playing instantly. It has hundreds of games available for download. Its fast, intuitive interface is easy to use.


As a competitive gaming portal, GosuGamers offers live streaming of all kinds of games, including eSports. The site also has its GosuCrews, which are members of the network who cover various games. The site boasts over 3 million monthly visitors and a reputation for producing high-quality content. Not only do they cover games from every genre, but they also provide websitextra coverage of major tournaments.

Facebook Gaming

As a mobile game developer, Facebook has committed to game streaming and developed its dedicated application for gaming on the Facebook mobile application and desktop website. The Facebook Gaming app has an easy-to-use UI and allows gamers to easily schedule and record live streams. Facebook also has a diverse library of brand assets that streamers can use to add to their videos. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, there are some essential things to know about the Facebook Gaming platform.

WPC2027 and 2021

There are several advantages of joining WPC 2027 and wpc2021. Apart from being fun to play, this platform also offers you the opportunity to earn money. It is a popular gambling platform that anyone can join. However, it is necessary to follow specific rules of the game, including religion and culture. You can quickly contact the WPC2027 customer service department if you encounter any difficulty. They will solve your problem or provide you with speedymonster tips and tricks.

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