Top 10 Virtual Event Management Companies to Host Successful Online Events

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Since the inception of the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual event management companies have seen a tremendous growth trajectory in their industry aided by growth opportunities. This digitization has further laid a foundation for this transition as the industry went through some crucial structural changes during the pandemic. Organizing a virtual event has become more demanding as the competitiveness has increased exponentially. Hosting an online event now not only requires thorough research and marketing but also requires crucial back-end work that is invisible at the forefront but plays a major role in determining the success of an event. These may however become too much for companies and individuals looking forward to marketing their events online which eventually creates a huge hurdle in their path. It may also become overwhelming for them to handle all the forefronts efficiently generating the need for virtual event management companies. 

Online event companies have optimized their technology to the extent that they can now leverage it to optimize the delivery system and fill in the gaps that an individual organizer may miss out upon. Virtual event management companies help to build a backbone for events by remapping essential things in an orderly manner and branding the content individually. They provide help from the engagement part of the program to the data collection and feedback. Their algorithm helps to build a profile for the event in such a manner that the targeted audience is mapped with their preferences to promote engagement. The top Ten Virtual Event Management companies in this industry are-

1.     Pace Digital

 Pace Digital has been the epitome of digital showcasing and growth since 2014. They have collaborated with companies to help them with branding and digital marketing on an industrial level. Their virtual event technology allows them to leverage the client’s data and help them with online conference and event solutions efficiently. 

2.     Mixhubb

Mixhubb is the most technologically advanced company out there that has carried out collaborations with reputed companies to brand and market their events using their unique content creation. Their unique approach toward content delivery rather than storytelling has made them an industry leader in the virtual events sector.

3.     Morph Digital Solutions 

Morph Digital Solutions is perhaps an innovative company that follows a creative approach toward content delivery by adding next-generation experiences to a virtual event. They do so by leveraging spatial and immersive experiences to engage the consumer online.

4.     Green Aims 

Organizing a virtual event involves different aspects. Green Aims is a platform that provides search optimization to the content online that enhances the reach of the virtual event while providing a high-quality interface website to clients for data collection and feedback. They also have an excellent content delivery management system to help their clients reorganize their contents easily

5.     TCJ Management Company Limited 

TCJ Management Company Limited specializes in product media and corporate brand building for online events by helping with the promotional activities required for the event. They match suitable vendors for the virtual events and help with resource management to help achieve organizational goals smoothly. They also look after the registrations that map the content and automate the data collection smoothly.

6.     Revolution CMES

Revolution CMES is a consulting as well as a management solution company that helps clients to design a virtual event from scratch. They assist the concept to idea implementation that ensures quality and satisfaction. They also have a separate backend team that looks after the website creation and monetization aspect to evaluate the content properly and help achieve the organizational goals.

7.     Opus Agency

Opus Agency delivers high-quality branding services that help an organization stand out while hosting an event. Their technology primarily aims at improving engagement by tracking the analytics and data intelligence of the events organized online. They help consumers connect with the brand by delivering experiences and providing solutions that enhance the consumer experience.

8.     CWT Meetings and Events

Virtual events have a lot wider scope than branding. CWT Meetings and Events provides a platform to create and engage in virtual events. They also help create fresh content that engages consumers and at the same time provides a seamless support system for the event. It provides real-time feedback and social media integration that widens the reach of the program online.

9.     Ashfield Meetings and Events

Ashfield Meetings and Events specialize in the healthcare industry to organize events online. They help to cater to a large audience by connecting with them emotionally as well as intellectually. Also in recent times, they have expanded their operations beyond their traditional area of expertise through their sister brand Spark thinking. This company aims at promoting engagement for noble causes through its wide variety of integrations and brandings.

10. Pico Group

Pico Group is a very active marketing company in the Asian as well as Middle Eastern Region. They are an experienced company with a wide range of expertise. They had also won major contracts at the Dubai 2020 Expo and have excelled in every area of marketing. Companies like Mercedes Benz, etc. have also collaborated with them on many projects.


The main tasks associated with virtual event management companies, like Mixhubb are to campaign the events successfully. They manage and market the content to the best-suited targeted audience by leveraging their branding and marketing experience. They also have a consumer database to work upon. Organizing a virtual event also requires a tremendous amount of branding that is done by these companies online. They also provide services such as content creation, resource management, and website creation that automate the registration process in an orderly manner helping in achieving maximum attendance.  Online event companies also leverage their powerful sponsor features and connections to efficiently map out the targeted audience and provide full technical as well as logistical support to the organizers of the event.

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