Things To Remember Before Buying Gold Jewellery

Things To Remember Before Buying Gold Jewellery

Indians are known to be big gold investors. They do not hesitate to buy a piece of jewellery despite the fact that it has surged in price over the years. The reasons for this behavior could be many. While several people like buying gold and selling it at higher prices to earn profit, a majority of people buy gold for gifting purposes or for wearing at personal events like marriages and birthdays.

Gold is considered to be a precious metal, an element of high value, whose price has been increasing consistently with the years. As such, it has become the most liked and preferred form of investment. The mere mention of this precious metal is enough to catch our attention, attention which distracts us from everything else around. This distraction is needed to turn a dream gold purchase into a nightmare. On an average Indians purchase the most gold jewellery in India with jewellery stores across India seeing a steady flow of consumers. In this maddening rush to purchase gold it is common to make mistakes which could cost you dearly. If you have been searching for a ‘Muthoot near me‘, Muthoot Gold Point are old gold buyers here to serve you. 

1. Pure or Impure: Know the Purity:

Buying gold jewellery is a pleasant and exciting pastime, however, it is imperative that you check the purity of your prospective purchase before parting with your hard earned money. While buying 24 karat gold might sound like a bargain, it is in fact an economical option for gold jewellers who mix 92% pure gold with other metals to make 24 karat pieces. Before buying 24 karat jewellery it is advisable to check its purity by seeking the hallmark as it indicates that the piece has been tested by competent agencies.

2. Making charges:

You could save yourself a lot of money by insisting on fixed making charges. Gold prices fluctuate and the making charge, which is essentially the labour charge involved in creating it, can be a reflection of current gold rates. It may be tempting to accept higher making charges only to find out later that you have actually paid more than necessary. Befor buying and selling of Gold we should know the online Gold Price today.

3. Man-made Vs machine made ornaments:

Many buyers avoid purchasing machine made jewellery as it is not handcrafted. These kinds of ornaments are usually cheaper due to the lower amounts of labour involved in making them which makes it difficult for buyers to trust their authenticity. It is important that you consider discussing the origin of such a product before you pay for it, especially if you think that it could be fake.

4. Check the weight:

Gold jewellery is generally not sold by weight but in terms of karats. Karat is a measure of purity, which translates to how much gold there is per piece. The finer the jewellery and more pure it is, the higher its value. In other words, jewellery with more gold will cost you more than plain-shaped or low-karat gold pieces.

5. Sales:

To save money, purchase gold jewellery when the gold prices are down. Typically, demand for gold jewellery is high during certain occasions, which invariably push up prices. It would be smart to purchase gold during off season, when prices are low and discounts are plenty. The timing could not be better as the most recent trend indicates that gold is set to increase in thedigitaluprise.

6. Buy Backs:

Buy back is a great option to have if one grows tired of their current jewellery set. Discussing it when purchasing new jewellery would ensure that both parties are on the same page and can benefit from the purchase in the future.

7. Jewellery store:

There are a lot of jewelry shops in India. If you want to buy gold jewellery, it is best to visit trusted stores which can give you value for your money.

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