The Best Citizenship By Investment Program Ranking

The Best Citizenship By Investment Program Ranking

What Is Citizenship by Investment?

Citizenship by investment is a technique wherein wealthy individuals can obtain second citizenship in a depend of months in alternate for an investment or a donation made to the united states of america in question.

Unlike the opposite approaches for obtaining citizenship – birth, naturalization, marriage, and descent – citizenship by investment operates like a business transaction.You make the investment, and countries supply citizenship.

Due to the simple monetary nature of this transaction, you could have heard human beings confer this as ‘monetary citizenship,’ or they genuinely throw across the concept of ‘shopping for a passport’.That’s citizenship by investment.

Best Citizenship By Investment Program Ranking


Georgia is an eurasian country connecting eastern europe and western asia.. Georgia has loose exchange regime, that has access to $1 billion marketplace now no longer issue to customs tax to CIS and EU countries (no customs responsibility on 90% import and export of goods). Georgia is politically stable, has low taxes, low corruption and seeks major monetary investments. Georgia has a population of 3.7m citizens and Tbilisi is the capital and biggest city, buying property in tbilisi georgia 

Georgia no longer has any reliable reputation as a candidate for destiny expansion of the European Union, however in 2011 Georgian president expressed a preference for his country to turn out to be a member nation of the EU. Georgia has submitted a motion plan for obtaining accession to the European Union.

Citizenship for investments

The President of Georgia may also supply Georgian citizenship by exception to a citizen of another country who has made a contribution of high-quality advantage to Georgia withinside the nation’s interest.

A overseas citizen is making such an investment in Georgia or he/she has made such an investment in Georgia that contributes or has contributed drastically to the development of the nation economy (or)

Minimum Investments

Real Estate: To acquire a one-yr residency allowed on the premise of belongings, an overseas national ought to buy actual property worth100,000 USD.

Employment: A overseas citizen can be allowed to use for a labor residence permit if he/she can be hired by an organization which reviews turnovers of no much less than 50,000 GEL in keeping with foreigners hired.

Permanent residence: Foreigners who desire to acquire everlasting homes for sale in tbilisi georgia allow in Georgia will acquire a 5-yr allow first of all most effectively in the event that they gift files proving they have got a turnover of 120,000 USD or greater annually.

Investment allow: Foreigners conserving investment residency allows for 5 years [those who manage to present documents attesting to 120,000 USD in annual turnover over the course of five years] and who make investments at least 300,000 USD in Georgia, can be capable of acquiring everlasting residency allowances.


Dominica made huge developments enhancing the CBI application and passport power. Dominica scored websitextra marks in those regions to rank first withinside the desk:

  •  Low value and inexpensive Cbi application for families
  •  New Visa waiver to China
  •  Upgrading to Biometric passport strengthening protection standards
  •  Very excellent belongings marketplace appealing to put money into hotels.
  •  Very excellent use of CBI funds in sustainable improvement
  •  Due diligence checks
  •  Very excellent consulate help overseas for its citizens

3.St Kitts and Nevis

St Kitts despite being an effective CBI application declined in scores because of expiry of the confined time authorities bargain to provide , turning into greater pricey for families. Scored low in CBI transparency, no balloting rights and application barely pricey by as compared to AB and SL


Grenada continually ranked in top 3 spots in our scores desk in spite of topping the 2019 scores. The cause for this consistency is Visa waivers with China, Russia and most significantly gain of E-2 visa treaty with the United States. Grenada scored excessive ratings in CBI transparency, Education (St George University) thriving actual property marketplace and being a whole citizenship by investment application with complete citizenship rights (eg. proper to vote in elections, political writetruly and work for the government)

5.Saint Lucia

St Lucia scored pinnacle marks for being inexpensive CBI application, transparency, Due diligence, flexibility to feature own circle of relatives dependents withinside the destiny, and latest discounted extension of Covid authorities bond provide with 50% bargain.

St Lucia dropped to third spot from first withinside the preceding year because of absence of visa waiver with Russia and non-biometric passport.