Solutions to the Most Common Rockspace Extender Issues

Do you have a Rockspace WiFi extender? If so, you might be experiencing problems with the device. Are you? If so, this article could assist you. Check the answers to the most frequently asked Rockspace extender problems in the sections below and discover how to maximize the possible use of the device.

Solved: Most Common Rockspace Extender Issues

How Can I Reset Rockspace Extender?

Sometimes, users discover that their extenders aren’t working as they should. In this case, they have only one option left. And this is to reset their extenders back to default settings. If you’re looking at resetting your extender, then all you have to do is:

  • Make sure that the extender has been connected to a wall, and the power button on the device is on.
  • Once done, find and press the Reset button located on your extender.
  • In some time your device will be reset to default settings.
  • You must now perform Rockspace extender setup from scratch to begin using it.

No Internet Access Even after Setting up the Extender?

Don’t you have access to the internet after you have set up the extender? It could be the result of a variety of reasons. Have a look at the troubleshooting tips below to get your problem resolved quickly.

  • Verify that the cable between the extender and router isn’t showing any signs of wear and tear.
  • Reboot the extender by disconnecting it from the socket for a short time.
  • Be sure that the extender is in the coverage area of your WiFi router.
  • Be sure to put the extender in a safe distance from any objects that emit radio waves. You could place the extender far of microwaves ovens, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, cellular phones, and so on.

How can I get connected to the rockspace.local website address?

  • Users must access the re rockspace.local web address for setting up their extenders in the correct way and to access settings of their devices. If you’re unable to connect to the default web address of your device, check the following:
  • The browser you are using to complete the process is updated.
  • Your web browser isn’t taking on the load of cache and cookies.
  • The address is entered in the address field of the web browser.
  • The device used to access the web address isn’t infected.

How to Update Firmware of Rockspace Extender?

Rockspace extender firmware is updated through the manual method or by turning on the automatic feature. For both options, you’ll have to log into to the Rockspace extender.

Warning: Users, at times, make the mistake of confusing Rockspace as Rackspace and try to access Rackspace login page. If you’re also doing this, be aware that you have to log in to the Rockspace extender.

For updating the firmware of your Rockspace extender, here’s what you’ll have to do:

  • Attach the extender to the router using the Ethernet cable.
  • Visit the official website of Rockspace to see if any firmware updates are there for the model you own.
  • If so, have it downloaded to your computer.
  • Open a web browser and enter the default address for your Rockspace extender in the address field.
  • You will be taken to the login page as soon as you press the Enter button.
  • When you are on the login page, type in your login credentials in the appropriate fields, then hit OK.
  • The setup wizard for Your Rockspace extender will show.
  • Find the Firmware Update option.
  • Choose the downloaded file, then click upload.
  • This process could take more time than normal. Thus, don’t lose your patience.
  • It is recommended not to perform any background tasks and/or shut off your computer while executing the firmware update process.
  • The Rockspace extender will reboot automatically when the firmware update is complete.
  • This is how you can upgrade the firmware of your extender to maximize the performance of the device.

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