Six Sigma Master Black Belt: Certification and Definition

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Companies always try to improve. This means trying to find ways to lower your costs and increase your profits. Finding ways to do things better, faster and more efficiently is the focus of all those companies that want to grow. One way companies are succeeding in growing and minimizing costs is by implementing Six Sigma. Six Sigma is the method of trying to get rid of all defects in all processes. This means each and every one of the processes in which a company participates. Mastering Six Sigma means that a company is as close to perfection as possible. While perfection is probably impossible to achieve, companies are willing to train employees to see how close they can get to it. In this lesson, we will learn about the highest certification and training a person can achieve in Six Sigma, which is known as a Master Black Belt.

Master black belt

So what is a Master Black Belt? Well, a Master Black Belt is an individual who is considered to be an expert in Six Sigma. A Master Black Belt is responsible for making sure that improvement practices are implemented in all areas of the company.

Those with the Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification provide support systems to those individuals who are also Six Sigma certified, but at a lower level, such as Black Belts, Green Belts, and Champions. A big task for Master Black Belts is fulfilling the role of teacher/trainer. This means that they continually participate in classroom training sessions as they travelpalaces the Six Sigma curriculum. They complete these tasks, all while maintaining strong relationships and networks with other Master Black Belts to strengthen the program.


Now that we know what a Master Black Belt is, let’s take a look at what it takes to get certified.

  • Experience: Any individual who wants to become a Master Black Belt must already be qualified as a Black Belt. Additionally, the candidate must have 5 years serving as a Master Black Belt or have completed 10 Six Sigma Black Belt projects.
  • Portfolio: After the candidate meets the minimum experience, the candidate will be required to have a portfolio review. The main areas that are reviewed are coaching, mentoring, teaching, innovation, technical experience and occupational experience. In each area, the candidate must achieve a minimum score to pass the review. A panel of other Master Black Belts is responsible for the evaluation of the portfolio and will send an approval letter to the candidate if the minimums are met in all areas.
  • Examination: When the candidate’s portfolio is approved, the next step is the examination. The exam consists of two parts, which last a total of 5 hours. There are 100 questions for the first half, which is 2.5 hours long. During this session, the candidate can use books to help answer the questions. The second section also takes 2.5 hours, but instead of multiple-choice questions, it measures understanding of the Master Black Belt material through situation-specific pieces that the candidate lafoxmedia assess and answer. This section is closed book.

Lesson summary

Six Sigma is the method to eliminate defects in the processes. People who oversee Six Sigma are certified at many different levels, with Master Black Belt being the highest certification. Master Black Belts are Six Sigma experts and are expected to train and develop course materials, while maintaining a support system for other Six Sigma people. To be certified as a Master Black Belt, the candidate must have experience, pass a portfolio review, and successfully pass the exam.

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