Sit tight on the table

The worst table you can find is a table with few players called blinds, you see 10 or 12 hands, also after you get to a table with players the bets are stacked, if you can’t see the weakness. Players or else you know a lot of strong players, and if before your situation there are players with fewer chips, although the latter are useful for us in the condition of participating in a tournament, since most 카지노사이트 추천 have few chips left. All bets that try to double or steal the blind and our position on them will prevent them from stealing us. But remember it’s only for the tournaments, not the money tables.

Table position

As I said before, don’t pick positions too quickly in front of the raisers because they are not interested in playing our game, for example with a hand we think it’s good to see the flop but we know it won’t be possible . . let’s get rid of this, we call it blinding, but now the fool always comes to raise whatever he takes, so we don’t think that the call from the raise is an ok idea anymore, so we give up and lose the first bet. If this keeps happening, one of the two may get angry, or we will finally charge him by taking him in a good hand or he will take us because we go at the right time motivated by the desire to destroy him.

Make the most of it if you have a sweet tooth.

 The blinds rotate and depending on where they are, your position will be more or less effective. Be careful when there are many people left to bet after you because you don’t know their missing bets and someone can get a good hand and rise hard. Go be brave because few people will bet on you if the conditions are right.

If you are in a tournament, try to stay at or above average to reach the final table. If you give a good hand and a good pot every now and then, it will definitely come more than the end.

If you are at a table of money and have a problem,

 Patience will wear off and there will definitely be a chance to recover and win, although you have to be careful not to let your stack down.

Protect yourself from bad situations. Consider that the chance to protect you from losing is easier in a game of chance than in a competition. There are times in a tournament when you don’t have time because you’re diving with the rock of the big blind and when the time comes you have to play the first half-good things that fall into your hands. For more information visit our website

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