Must-Have Furniture Pieces for a Baby Nursery

Baby Nursery

Expecting a new baby requires a lot of preparation to be done. Aside from all the clothes and baby’s basic needs, you also need to prepare a baby nursery where you and your little one can stay and relax comfortably. A baby nursery needs to have everything you need to take care of your little one as well as yourself while you’re tending to your baby. 

With so many baby items available, planning a baby nursery can really be daunting. There are items that are essential and some that you don’t actually need that much. To make shopping easier and avoid unnecessary spending, here are the must-have furniture pieces you’ll need for your baby’s room. 


The crib is at the top of the list when it comes to baby furniture. Your baby will spend a lot of time sleeping especially during the first few months that’s why you’ll need a bed where your little one can sleep safely and soundly. No matter what type of crib it is, be sure that it is made from safe and high-quality materials like those from Charlie Crane. Don’t forget to check if it passes the safety standards to ensure that it’s safe for your baby. 

Changing Table

Aside from sleeping and feeding, you’ll be changing your baby’s diapers a lot. Having a sturdy diaper changing table can make this task easier and more convenient for you especially when you’re still new to it. A changing table serves as a safe spot where you could place your baby for a diaper change as well as serve as great storage for all your diapering needs. You could opt for those with drawers or shelves underneath for additional storage space in your nursery. 

Baby Nursery
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Your baby goes through a lot of clothes in a day and having a lot of basic clothing in stock makes it convenient to dress your baby and keep him clean and fresh all the time. You’ll need a baby dresser with drawers and some compartments to keep all those baby clothes well organized. You could also use the top of the dresser as a place to put a lampshade, a music player, or all the other things you might need inside the nursery. 

Rocking Chair

Caring for a baby all day is not an easy task. When it comes to nursery furniture that can be used by both the parents and the baby, a durable rocking chair is one of the must-haves. The parent can sit down on the rocking chair while feeding or putting a baby to sleep, making it more comfortable than just sitting down or standing up. The rocking motion from the rocking chair is also soothing for babies, making it greatly helpful for parents, especially at night. 

You don’t need to buy a lot of furniture for your baby’s nursery. With these must-haves baby furniture pieces, you can already have a fully functional nursery for you and your little one.

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