Medical Marijuana Work for Muscle Spasticity and Spinal Cord Injury

The first step is to examine the numbers that matter. More than 2.5 million individuals in the US have MS and more than 15 million suffer from a spinal injury. The majority of them suffer from painful, stiff, cramping muscles that spasm. These signs can trigger insomnia, limited movement, and discomfort. Medical marijuana has proven promising results in treating signs associated with MS as well as spinal injuries.

Many conventional drugs can be prescribed for these conditions, but often, those medications result in drowsiness or weakness. Muscle spasms happen when patients are tense and resistant to stretching. Patients who have used medical marijuana to ease pain and muscle spasticity have seen significant relief.

It’s unclear what the exact mechanism of vyvanse 70mg price is that calms spasticity. It’s not been studied on a large scale however; all smaller scale tests have produced very positive results.

Multiple sclerosis is believed to be an ineffective immune system that results in inflamed nerves in the spinal cord and brain. The nerve fibers are similar to the insulation around the power cord. unfortunately, what MS causes is that it destroys the insulation. Without it, nerves can not transmit the necessary signals. These symptoms can include vertigo, depression, fatigue blindness, incontinence, and muscle spasticity.

Spasticity of muscles in MS is quite common and a majority of patients experience muscle spasms and pain, cramps, and aches as well as painful involuntary muscular contractions. These symptoms usually worsen over time, and some patients are completely or partially disabled.

The most commonly prescribed medications for muscle spasms associated with MS consist of baclofen as well as Tizanidine (Zanaflex). They are sedatives and they are often associated with drowsiness as dry mouths and muscular weakness. For those suffering from MS weak muscles are already an issue. It is difficult to treat it.

It’s important to remember that there hasn’t been an extensive study that has evaluated the effects of medical moby dick coupon code or THC. Several small-scale studies have revealed great results in reducing muscle spasms and discomfort. Not all patients experienced the desired results, however, and there were some undesirable adverse negative effects.

It can be challenging to discern a positive outcome from THC because of a placebo or the actual reduction in spasms. Without a large-scale study to separate the placebo effect, which could be more than 30% when using a medication, it’s difficult to determine for certain. These studies are in progress in Britain and the United States, in which medical cannabis is commonly employed to treat MS.

What is the marijuana plant that can help people suffering from MS? If it can help with MS can it ease the muscle spasms of patients suffering from injury to the spinal cord? Anecdotally, patients suffering from MS have reported positive results for spasms and pain. Could it be due to the wide range of benefits that THC can provide, like anxiety-reducing, or diminishing spasms? Stress can cause spasms to become more severe and THC can help relieve those. Furthermore, THC does not have the effect of weakening muscles. If someone suffers from MS which is a constant issue, then exacerbating it, it’s not the best.

The oral consumption of THC could prove beneficial since it offers the ability to last longer without the risk of breathing inhalation. Patients with spinal cord injuries have constant symptoms throughout the day, so oral consumption could be more beneficial than MS whose symptoms fluctuate and fade. In these cases, smoking or vaporizing might be more beneficial.

As of now, we have learned that anecdotally, marijuana is effective in treating muscle spasms. Clinical studies of a larger scale will allow us to learn more about the details of this drug and how it fits in the treatment of these ailments.

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