Take out your private medical insurance now with MAPFRE, at the best price and with the best coverage. Offer adapted to age and of course to the service you hire.

REMEMBER: Not all insurance is the same. MAPFRE is a company of recognized solvency in the Spanish insurance market and with a long history in private deductible  health insurance. ALL ARE ADVANTAGES. We always recommend that you do not be fooled by hook offers, in the long run you are going to pay it “more expensive”, not only because of the price but also because of the medical care and services.

MAPFRE medical insurance offers policyholders the most complete guarantees to protect their well-being and that of their family.

In this way, we put at your disposal:

  • Health care insurance.
  • Medical expense reimbursement insurance.
  • Compensation or subsidy insurance


Health Care Insurance without copay

The Supra Health Assistance health insurance is MAPFRE’s medical insurance that includes the most complete coverage to care for the family. It is a product  without copays  for the use of medical services.

Health Assistance Insurance with copayment

This is the MAPFRE Salud insurance that includes the most complete coverage to care for the family and with a special copayment adjusted to the use of the medical services performed by the insured, which guarantees a lower premium than the that would correspond to other types of insurance.

Health Assistance Insurance with reduced copay

It is the MAPFRE Salud insurance that offers the most complete coverage for the whole family, paying a reduced copay. It allows contracting guarantees independently or jointly, according to the needs of each family unit.

Choice Health Care Insurance

The insurance that includes all the guarantees of Primary Care and coverage through our Medical Directory by simply presenting the health card and with the best dental coverage. It also facilitates access to the most qualified doctors of all specialties at special prices.

Medical Expense Reimbursement Insurance

The insurance that allows you to freely choose a doctor or hospital anywhere in the world or, if you prefer, go to the mybestinsight of the MAPFRE Medical Directory without having to make any financial outlay.

It is the insurance that compensates the income that would not be obtained due to total temporary disability during the time in which the insured person could not carry out his usual job due to illness or accident. A previously contracted daily compensation is received. The Compensation according to Scale option can also be contracted (compensation up to the number of days set in a scale when the insured suffers sick leave due to any of the illnesses or injuries included in it).

Essential Compensation

The Essential Compensation insurance guarantees the payment of compensation in the event of illness or accident. It covers any profession, including unpaid ones. The policy is also indicated for housewives, as an economic complement in case of not being able to face daily tasks due to illness or bloggingcreation.

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