Love in the Morning: Why Everyone Needs a Good Morning Text

When your mind, body and soul are all tired, it’s hard to feel like yourself. And when you can’t feel like yourself, it’s hard to love yourself. This morning text will remind you of all the things that make you lovable and help you start the day feeling whole and ready to embrace life with open arms (and an open heart). Your morning text doesn’t need to be too long — sometimes, the sweetest gesture is just telling someone how much they mean to you in fewer than 140 characters!

Morning texts build intimacy

The morning is an intimate time. It’s when we set our intentions for the day and release any lingering worries from the night before. It’s also when we start to experience more of ourselves and what life has to offer – our thoughts, feelings, moods, routines. In light of this, it’s not surprising that many couples use morning texts as a way to connect with each other in those early hours of their day. Zegbeg is one company that has taken this idea and developed an app which allows couples to send text messages to each other while they’re still asleep.

Long-term partners experience higher satisfaction

A recent study shows that long-term partners experience higher satisfaction than those who are not. The study found that people who had been together for more than five years reported higher levels of emotional stability, better communication and less anxiety. People who have been together for 10 years or longer have lower levels of stress, life satisfaction, depression and loneliness.

Zegbeg is one app geared towards strengthening relationships by helping couples send morning texts to each other. With this app, you can choose from messages like I love you or you’re the best. It even allows you to customize your message by adding your own personal message so that it will always feel unique and special when sending it to your loved one!

Being romantic can be easy (it’s worth it!)

Being romantic can be easy and it’s worth it! A great way to start your day is by sending your partner a good morning text. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just letting them know that they are on your mind is enough. You can even ask what they have planned for their day or send them an emoji. was still staring at his phone when he heard his phone buzz again, this time with the notification sound. He looked at the screen which said Mom as he thought about how she always sent him these messages first thing in the morning to wish him well. He smiled and opened up her message which said Good morning my love.

Receiving texts boosts self-esteem

The study found that those who were sent texts first thing in the morning had more self-esteem than those who did not receive any texts. Receiving text messages can help you feel loved and appreciated, which is important for your mental health. A morning text can also help you have better self-control throughout the day, as it boosts serotonin levels and makes you feel more connected to people. You are also more likely to work out if you know someone will be expecting a text from you with updates on your progress. Texting someone first thing in the morning is an easy way to make sure they know they are loved and valued, even before they get out of bed!

Show your partner you’re thinking of them first thing in the morning

It’s so easy to get caught up with work and forget about the people we care about. But sending them a morning text will show them you’re thinking of them, even when your day gets busy. It’s such an easy gesture that can make someone else’s day better, and it takes just seconds. Plus, if you don’t feel like typing anything out, there are some cute images you can send as well!

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