Live stream on Facebook

Did you have any idea the algorithm of Facebook favors live video?

“One way to increase your engagement rate on Facebook is to go live often,” says Daniel Foley of Home Tree. “Going live on your video content takes your videos to the next level. Your video will be displayed in the upper right corner of your fans’ Facebook news feeds after going live.

Additionally, those who have recently or frequently visited your site will be notified by email to let them know that you’re online! The growth in your news feed, in conjunction with updates, is the recipe for more engagement. The live broadcast will show up on your Facebook page once the broadcast has ended.”

Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging suggests, “Involve your get more Facebook followers uk friends. Social media followers are awed by engaging activities—for example, live streams on Facebook. Something ethereal happens when people are alive, and it is easy to get caught up. During Facebook Live, sound relatable as if you could relate to the issue they face. Then, describe how they can resolve the issue. Make the Live as short as possible.

Make people feel a call to Action on the Live. For example, let them know if you would like people to take action, such as buying, commenting, or sharing. The majority of people who live stream solicit participation from the audience by asking viewers to post emoticons. After that, they can see each other’s Emojis and become more engaged. There are many ways to interact through the Facebook Live live video.”

Be entertaining

It doesn’t matter if are live or posting updates via text. The majority of people use Facebook for entertainment.

“Relevant and UGC-feeling content is the name of the game – and tests we’ve run for clients have shown that not only does it send engagement rate and CTR up and up, it’s also dramatically improved CPAs,” says Kayli Westergard, a partner at IMM. “One of our clients created a TikTok-style dance video showcasing what they’re doing to keep their customers safe during COVID – they made it educational and also purely entertaining to watch, which drove a lot of comments, shares, and people tagging their friends.”

Utilize the background templates Facebook offers as background templates.

This less-known trick is great for small-sized businesses.

“One little-known way that companies don’t take advantage of when trying to increase their engagement rate on Facebook is to create specific engagement-only content and use the Facebook background,” says Crissy Conner, founder of Crissy Conner Creates LLC. “If you’ve seen anything from my experience with Facebook this is the fact that Facebook is a fan of Facebook products. It’s as simple as using the backgrounds and then the content is displayed to many more people. They do not feel that it’s selling and respond.”

Initial engagement with friends and family

Another method for small businesses to increase participation is asking your family and friends to “like” or “share” the contentwritinglab. (Don’t overdo it!)

Timothy Woods of Carnivore Style writes, “I’ve found that directly forwarding your Facebook post’s URL to a smaller, tightly knit group of friends and family by email, and asking them to share and like on the post you need to increase the visibility of it gives the post a brief initial increase that will allow it to gain some additional likes from those who would never look at your post. The algorithm appears to favor posts that receive an initial few positive comments, and then show the posts to more people.”

Be constant

If you plan to publish every day or every week, adhere to the schedule you have set for your posting. You could even batch-create your content for a whole week in one day and then utilize a tool such as Buffer to plan your entire content.

“One way to increase your engagement rate on get more Facebook likes uk is consistency,” says Lily Ugbaja of Finding Balance Mom. “Yes, it is essential to show up and be visible to them often, and even if visitors don’t turn into leads the first or the second time, they are more interested and turn into leads. Don’t forget to make sure you optimize your site with plenty of speedymonster graphics and short copywriting advertisements.

Also, make sure to offer promotions at regular intervals. It could be freebies or other offers. This will spark their curiosity, and who knows how it would affect your website’s conversion rates.”

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