Importance of the Nutrition Health Wellness Triangle in Our Life

Health Wellness

Concerning health and nutrition, Contrary to what the majority of people believe that life isn’t an issue of being alive and dying. It isn’t measured by the absolute concept of life and death. Instead, it is measured using the spectrum of health, an array of health on one end of the spectrum is death, and the other is health and well-being that goes beyond being alive. Therefore, using the range of health and nutrition as a starting point, it is possible to claim that the more healthy person is, the further the distance from death. In this case, the progression of time is considered since health conditions typically begin to decline at an age that is a bit beyond his old age.

Even if the decline of our health seems inevitable as time passes (at most in the practical sense and not theoretically) However, we can take action with our practices and lifestyles to stop the decline of health in a variety of ways or in a variety of ways that need to be implemented. A few of these methods to improve health are physical exercise, a healthy mental attitude, and a well-planned diet, with the last being the main focus in the following section.

What makes the right food essential for wellness, health, and longevity? Our bodies are supplied with various chemicals, principally hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen, with other elements such as iron, calcium, zinc, etc. These can all be obtained through drinking and eating or by nutrition and diet, except for oxygen that can be breathed in. These chemicals help improve and improve the body and mind, which means nutrition is the base and the most important part of the wellness triangle. It is because, without adequate food, our bodies don’t get the energy required to carry out their movement, which impedes the chance of engaging in an appropriate exercise routine or wellness routine, consequently diminishing your health.

On the psychological side, someone who doesn’t have the proper nutrition required by the mind would not be able to perform higher-level psychological processes. Therefore, the necessity of having a healthy mental attitude is also a far cry from realization. Nevertheless, it is crucial to be aware of one’s nutritional health that researchers are also embracing the notion of the brain, and in particular, a person’s mind is capable of overriding its own design. While this is true, the effect of eating a balanced diet on enhancing our overall health and wellness is indisputable. Dr Jay Feldman is a healthy lifestyle enthusiast, authored more than a hundred health improvement tips, advice and contributed with her knowledge to the fat belly fat [] resource to reveal various options and possibilities for losing belly fat, also has written many tips on how one can boost their nutrition health wellness [].

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