How To Write A Social Media Resume

Just like applying for any other job, applying for a position in the social media world also requires a resume. Composing an effective resume is a must, a type of resume that can explain well the skills and abilities that you possess in order to convince the recruiters to hire you. A credible and compelling resume could go a long way. It will help secure you a spot in the market, and also get hired immediately once constructed in a proper way.

Below are some guidelines to help you in composing an effective social media resume.

I. Selecting the Appropriate Format and Applicable Statement.

  • To begin with, there are three different types of formats for writing your resume for social media. The first one is Chronological. This type of format focuses more on an applicant’s work experiences. Secondly, it is the Functional type. This format focuses more on skills. And lastly is the Combination. From its name, obviously, this type of format focuses on both work experiences and skills. 

The format for writing an effective resume is using the Reverse-Chronological template. This type of format is highly suggested because this format will first highlight your marketing experiences and educational background. The HR Managers will be pleased upon reading this type of format for your resume because this type is easy to read, and it contains the most important information about an applicant. 

  • Initially, there are two particular types of statements that are to be used, and these are the resume summary and resume objective.  These two different types of statements have different purposes in stating your desire to apply. First, the resume summary is used by the applicants who are already experienced and accomplished workers in the field. Its summary will state your past experiences and your milestones. It also will tackle your improvements during the previous years of your duties.

    And, if you are someone who is still yet to have accomplishments, someone who is about to start yet, the resume objective is what you should use. Here you will state your recent education completion and your openness to new experiences.

    In conclusion, these are the descriptions of the different options of formats and statements. Choose the one that matches and corresponds according to your life background. Careful not to select the inaccurate type of format and statement.

II. Composition and Content.

Of course, choosing how to write and choosing the contents of your resume is crucial. Your approval depends on the composition of your content for your resume’s image plays a huge role in your application. You have to capture the recruiters’ interest to pick you. Make sure to best describe your abilities and specialties, your excellencies, and your competency.

  • First and foremost, when composing your social media resume, you should check what type of format and what type of statement applies best to you. Whether chronological, functional, or combination format. And whether its a summary or a resume objective. When you have already chosen the correct types of format and statement, proceed to your content. Standardly, these are the elements of your resume’s content: Header, your own statement, abilities, work experiences, and educational background. 

For your introduction, it should contain your personal details such as full name, phone number, email address, etc. This element contains your information so that the HR Manager can contact you easily when you are accepted to take the job. Next is your own type of statement; it summary or resume objective. And in your chosen summary, put your abilities, work experience, and educational background. Highlight and clearly write the special skills that will awaken their interest to hire you. State your work experiences in an understandable and neat way. It is good to write it in a detailed way too, best explaining your work history. And disclose your educational background; we all know that educational background is an important factor. HR Managers will look at your education and it is a prime aspect that will give you jobs.

In closing, always remember to always acquire self-esteem and confidence, for this empowerment will give you the strength to conquer your fears upon applying for jobs. Construct your resume properly and precisely, and then it can guarantee you your acceptance for your desired job.


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