How to Safely Mail LPs

LP mailers

If you’re a true music lover then you have probably collected a couple of LPs at some point. Whether you’re trying to share some favorites with a friend, sell a few records to an enthusiast, or safely get your LPs to a new location, it’s not uncommon for these musical discs to be shipped.

Mailing LPs is a great way to transport them, but if you’re not careful, they can sustain damage in transit. After all, they do have some fragility to them, so you want to know the proper care and techniques that will safely get them to their destination. These three tips will help you.

Pack Well

If you need to mail LP, there are actually specially designed packaging options for you. LP mailers are made with cushioning, and they are sized precisely to fit your records. As such, they minimize any sliding or risk of impact, keeping them safe on their journey.

LP mailers are also sized so that you can stack them in a box. If you go this route, you can use packaging foam rolls for extra cushioning to maximize safety.

If you are wondering where to buy record mailers, we sell them, and you can have them shipped directly to you.

Control Temperatures

LPs are temperature sensitive, so you want to think about climate and climate controls when you ship them. They don’t need to be refrigerated, but extreme heat and cold can damage them. It’s important to keep that in mind depending on where you are sending them and the time of year. If they’re going to sit in the hot sun in the back of a truck, you’ll want to take measures to protect them from the heat. Likewise, in freezing temperatures, insulation is important.

One of the easiest steps to take is to use packing foam as insulation inside of a box. This will help regulate the temperatures experienced by the LPs during shipping.

Handling Is Also Important

If the package is prepared adequately, then handling during the mailing process shouldn’t be much of a problem. The LP mailers and additional packaging protection will take care of them.

That said, there is still a moment where handling can create vulnerabilities and potential problems. That moment comes when the mailers are opened by the recipient. For that reason, it’s important to properly label your LPs.

If they are labeled correctly, then the recipient knows what they are handling and where to open the package. That will prevent any dropping or other accidents at the end of the LP’s journey.

Keep in mind these simple tips, and you can mail LPs with little to no worry. If you’re worried that you haven’t taken stringent enough measures to keep them safe, you can also consider insuring the package. It might not protect the LPs directly, but it offers recourse in the case something unexpected happens.

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