Instructions On How to Draw A Panda Easily

Panda Drawing

How to Draw A Panda. People all over the world love the gentle giant panda. Originally from China, these peaceful animals come to life at their own pace. They usually spend their days lounging around and enjoying the delicious bamboo, which feels like a lifetime!

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As popular as these distinctive creatures are, they have been a favorite drawing subject for many people. You may have been wondering how to learn to draw one yourself, and that’s precisely what this guide is for!

How to Draw A Panda Easily

Step 1

In this first step of our tutorial on drawing a panda, we will start with the panda head. The head is circular with two circular ears on top, as they appear in the picture. If you want to make this step a little easier, you can use a drawing tool like a pair of compasses and a light pencil to draw a circle to guide the head shape.

Step 2

Pandas have large limbs and bodies, so let’s start drawing for step 2 of your panda drawing. Pandas technically have four legs, but we’ll call them arms in this step to make things easier.

With a curved line coming out of the panda’s head, you can create both arms and then use a line between them to make the panda’s lower body for your panda design.

Step 3

Your panda drawing now has arms, but now it needs legs! In this step, we will add the one-way street. This leg will look much shorter than the arms you drew earlier and detach from the side of the body to look like your panda is sitting on the ground.

Step 4

You can repeat the last step in reverse order for this step of our tutorial on drawing a panda. The leg on our right looks the same as the previous one, only on the other side. Once both legs have been accounted for, we can proceed to the next step of drawing your panda!

Step 5

You can’t mistake a panda if you see one, as they have a distinctive body structure and a unique color scheme. Their faces are adorable and unusual too, and that’s what we’re going to draw on for this step. The panda’s eyes are tiny, so you can use two smaller colored circles for his eyes.

It also has a small oval nose with a happy mouth that looks like a cat’s mouth. Once you’ve drawn them, you can use two curved lines around each eye to create pandas’ distinctive facial expressions. The final part of this step is adding a line in each ear to create depth.

Step 6

You are now almost drawn to your panda! However, it needs a few more details before it’s fully finished. As you can see in our reference image, we’ll add a line between both arms to indicate where the belly is.

Draw A Panda

Next, we’ll add lines to the feet to show where the toe splits are. With some lines on the hind paws and others around the body, your panda is almost done!

Step 7

That panda drawing you made is already fabulous! However, this tutorial on how to draw a panda wouldn’t be complete without perhaps the funniest step of all: coloring your drawing! Pandas aren’t exactly known for being colorful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with colors!

Panda Drawing

If you’d like to keep the panda on a more realistic black-and-white pattern like our example image, you can compensate by adding a colored background. I think drawing a beautiful bamboo forest behind this cute panda would be great, but you could use any creative experience you can think of!

5 Tips to take your panda drawing to the Next Level.

Check out these 5 tips for this panda sketch that will make it even better!

Tip #1

This adorable panda drawing looks fantastic as is, but we think some friends could use it! An excellent way to do this would be to add more pandas to the scene.

To do this, you can use the steps just followed to add more. There may be slight differences, such as B. pose, facial expressions, or even small clothing items.

Tip #2

What fun poses and activities would you like to do with other pandas?

If you want extra variety for the friends you’re gifting this panda, you don’t have to limit yourself to this animal species! You could add any other animals you love.

They could be creatures you might find in the same habitat as real pandas or others you like. If you need help drawing, look online for pictures of real animals and convert them to a cartoon style.

Tip #3

Another option to add some characters would be to add some human feelings. These could be based on real people like you or people you know.

Once you’ve chosen your characters, you need to decide what kind of style you’re going to use for the characters.

Tip #4

It could be fun and straightforward, like the panda, or maybe more detailed!

Finally, we think wallpaper is the perfect complement to your panda sketch. You would have quite a few options if you wanted to add them.

Tip #5

One would be to show the panda in its natural habitat with details like the bamboo surrounding it. Or you can draw the panda in a zoological setting with other animals.

It would also be fun to have the panda in a more creative setting, like a birthday party or animal carnival!

Your Panda Drawing is Finished!

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