How To Determine Cost Of Cedar Shake Siding Installation

Cedar Shake Siding

Cedar shake siding installation involves adding cedar shakes to an exterior wall. It is possible to install cedar shakes on an entire wall, or just part of the wall. In either case, a starter strip should be installed on the bottom of the wall. Next, a chalk line should be drawn to establish level reference lines, and each course should be offset one foot from the previous course. If possible, use different starter pieces rather than similar ones, to avoid creating a repeating pattern.

Cost Of Installing Cedar Shake Siding

The cost of installing cedar shake siding varies depending on the size and complexity of the job. A thousand square feet of siding typically requires 60-to-70-man hours to install, and a fifteen-hundred square-foot home can take up to 105 hours. The final cost will depend on the complexity of the job and the conditions of the job site. For instance, some areas are more difficult to access than others. Other factors, such as the season, may also impact the cost.

Generally speaking, cedar shake siding is relatively durable and will last for several decades. However, there are several factors that may reduce its lifespan, especially in the Pacific Northwest. For example, the high moisture content in the air can cause the wood to decay more rapidly. Additionally, the wood may blister, crack, or bubble. Once the wood has started showing signs of wear and deterioration, it will not be easy to repair or maintain it.

Cedar shake siding is made from wood split from cedar logs. This type of siding is often used as an outer cladding on dwellings. A sawmill or an axe used to cut cedar shakes, but nowadays, most of these types are manufactured using power equipment. Another factor that determines the cost of cedar shake siding is the grade of wood. Clear grades are generally higher quality, while those that are double-layered may use a lower grade.

Cost Of Pre-Finished Or Pre-Stained Cedar Shake Siding

The cost of pre-finished or pre-stained concrete or cedar shake siding will vary depending on the type of material you choose and the finish you choose. Cedar is known to be resistant to insects and rot, so it is a great choice for exterior siding. It comes in a variety of sizes and styles, including shakes and panels. They are available in natural color, stained, or painted. They are also environmentally friendly and biodegradable, making them a sustainable option.

When choosing siding, consider the cost of installation and maintenance. Pre-finished or pre-stained cedar siding is generally more expensive than unfinished cedar, but you can often get a similar look for far less money. This material is a little more expensive than pre-finished or pre-stained cedar, but it requires less maintenance. Cedar siding can last up to thirty years with proper care.

You should also factor in the costs of painting or staining. If you choose to paint your exterior, the cost will increase. Staining is an added cost, but it will also add a protective coating that will help it last longer. Also, it is best to buy pre-finished material, which will save you time and money on labor.

Another factor that affects the cost of pre-finished or pre-stained wood siding is the type of material you choose. If you choose red cedar, the cost will be higher, while white cedar is cheaper.

Maintenance Of Cedar Shake Siding

Cedar shake siding installation requires regular cleaning and treatment against moisture and insect damage. If not properly maintained, it will soon become worn out and rotted. To avoid this, you should inspect your cedar shake siding at least once per year. You should also check for damaged or loose panels. You also need to trim shrubs and trees at least two feet away from the shingles. In addition, you need to clean your gutters regularly.

When cleaning your cedar shake siding, you need to avoid power washing as this could tear the wooden panels. Also, make sure to use the lowest pressure and speed to avoid damage to the wood. Proper cleaning can bring back the warm color and refresh your cedar siding. Once the wood is properly cleaned, you can apply a wood stain to preserve the look.


Cedar shake siding installation should be maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This type of siding can last anywhere from 20 to 40 years if properly maintained. Several manufacturers also offer warranties that last 25 years or more. If you maintain it properly, you can enjoy the beauty and durability of cedar shake siding for many years.

A good cedar shake siding installation will need maintenance at least once a year. The frequency of cleaning will depend on your climate and landscape. A wet climate may require frequent cleaning to prevent mildew and dirt from forming. For this, you need to use a mild bleach solution. Similarly, walls exposed to the sun or heat will fade faster than those that are protected from it. Therefore, you will need to stain or paint your cedar shake siding more often.

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