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Grow your business with Google Ads

Search Engine Marketing is all about appearing relevantly in searches related to your business.

We are professionals certified by Google as best practices in Google Campaign Management. We create, manage and optimize Google Ads accounts. Through the vision of the Digital Nomads HQ team, you will have creative ideas for success in advertising campaigns for your company.

The fundamental principle: be present when seeking your services Ads

Nowadays Google is the majority search engine in Spain, and it has a great capacity to generate new contacts or potential clients. This power is based on a user searching the Google search engine for the service in their province and beginning to meet new companies that can sell their services.

With Google Ads you will be on the first page from the first moment, increasing visibility for those segments that have been detailed taking into account geographic criteria, keywords, age, gender, etc.

We design campaigns that fit your business

We choose the type of campaign that works best for your business.

Search Network: We create campaigns to show ads in Google search results.

Display, web banners: We create advertising banners and place them on the websites where your potential customers are.

Remarketing: It is important to catch up with those users who have left your website without completing the purchase with remarketing campaigns.

Shopping for your e-commerce: Google is the perfect ally for your online store to take off and reach your target audience at the right time.

Promote your APP: Impact users who are really interested in your mobile application.

This will be the process

Our methodology guarantees results from day one, because of the way search engine advertising is created:

1. Demand study

We carry out a study of real demand to learn how to address the people who are looking for their services

2. We establish a budget

We make an ideal budget for your company to target users and meet objectives

3. We create the campaign

We plan and create the campaign to guarantee the best results

4. Tracking

We continuously monitor the results and the contacts that have been generated.

Why invest in advertising with Google Ads?

Google Adwords is the most important online advertising platform, since it generates many benefits for its advertisers, among which we highlight:

You only pay for users who click on your ads. The cost of your advertising is always for users who are interested in your services because they clicked on the ad. You pay for the traffic that can come to your website, and that generates your own customers.

Segmentation of interested users. We can show your advertising on the Google network, taking into account the geographical location, interests based on keywords related to your business.

Profitable advertising. After entrusting your Adwords management Melbourne campaign to our Agency in Granada, you will see the results from the beginning and you will receive potential clients from the first day.

Immediacy. You will be able to be in the first search results of related keywords, at the same time that we start the campaign. This allows you to see the results very quickly.

Your company on the map

If you have a physical store and need to be found on the map, without a doubt, ads on Google Maps are a success. Ads on Google Maps allow you to inform your customers where your physical store is located and to attract potential customers.

At Digital Nomads HQ we create campaigns on Google Maps to increase the exposure of your business on the internet and make your business available to anyone.

Why trust us to manage your advertising in Google Ads?

Main reasons to trust us:

  • We advise you from the beginning by studying your potential market.
  • We adapt to the needs of your business.
  • We establish campaigns according to objectives and periodic results.
  • We design our own creativities.
  • We are experts in achieving results.
  • We may hold periodic follow-up meetings about advertising campaigns in Google Ads.

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