Flat Fee MLS Listing Companies

flat fee MLS listing

A flat fee MLS listing company offers a range of services that you can choose from to promote your home for sale. Depending on the listing agent you choose, they can offer marketing assistance and social media guidance to help you sell your home faster. A flat fee agent will help you create a realistic picture of your home to attract prospective buyers. It is also a good idea to let your agent know about any offers you receive from buyer agents.


Houzeo is an innovative flat fee MLS listing service in America. Its cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service help you sell your property with maximum exposure in the MLS. Listing packages can be customized after purchase, and Houzeo offers real estate attorneys and contract reviews, as well. Houzeo’s service is easy to use, and it eliminates the need for a third-party seller’s agent.

Houzeo has excellent ratings on Trustpilot and Google. Their customers report an easy process and fast results. The company’s basic package includes six photos and a 3-month listing term. However, every time you need to update your listing, you have to pay $25. In addition, you cannot get a contract review or pricing assistance from Houzeo. Alternatively, you can opt for the Silver package, which costs a little more but offers 10 free listing changes.


Beycome is a flat fee MLS listing service that offers a full range of services. The company started as a listing service for home sellers, but it has since expanded into other services such as a buyer’s broker and title insurance. The company charges 3% of the home sale price, deducts the $999 flat fee and credits the rest as closing costs. Beycome’s growth over the past year has been explosive.

Beycome has a mixed reputation with customers. Most customers praise the company’s website and FSBO platform, but there have been complaints of slow customer service, shoddy listings, and a delayed refund process. But customers also praise the price, the speed of listing, and the convenience of using the service.

MLS My Home

If you’re considering listing your home on the MLS but are unsure how much it will cost, consider one of the flat fee listing companies. These companies offer a wide range of services, including unlimited changes to your listing, unlimited time on the market, contract review in select MLSs, and professional photos. You’ll also get access to an experienced realtor’s comparative market analysis and web traffic reports.

Some flat fee MLS listing companies offer similar services, but their prices may differ significantly. Some offer additional support services, such as negotiating the price, and hosting an open house. These features are valuable for inexperienced sellers who may not know what they’re doing. Another important consideration is whether the service is affiliated with a local MLS. Otherwise, your listing won’t reach the most qualified audience.

Felix Homes

For a one-time fee, Felix Homes will list your home on MLS for your specific area. The company is a Nashville-based residential brokerage. If you’re interested in selling your home but are worried about the high fees, consider Felix. The company will handle all the paperwork, schedule a photo shoot, and get to work selling your home. But be aware that your listing could expire if it doesn’t sell. The company’s agents will work with you to get the price of your home down and find a buyer. Eventually, it hopes to expand to other states.

The company offers reduced listing fees and rebates to buyers. It is owned by a single corporate entity and does not operate franchises. For sellers, its 1% commission service saves them $8,100 on average. Buyers, meanwhile, get a rebate of up to 1% off their buyer’s agent commission.


Clever flat fee MLS listing companies will negotiate with top New York real estate agents to charge you a flat 1% listing fee, guaranteed. This way, you can be sure that you will get full service from a local agent. In addition, these companies work with trusted brands like RE/MAX and Keller Williams.

In New York, 88% of home buyers work with a buyer’s agent. These agents typically charge 1.66% to 3.06% of the sale price. Clever’s service is different, since it charges a flat fee of $3,000, compared to the 3% standard commission for full-service real estate agents. This makes it more affordable for homeowners and real estate agents to use Clever.

Clever flat fee MLS listing companies offer an extensive range of services for homeowners looking to sell their homes. They include marketing services and high-tech online form filling.

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