Everything you need to know about SCP

The SCP Foundation or SCP 001, a fictional organization, is documented by the collaborative Wiki project with the same name. The Foundation’s shared world is responsible for capturing and preserving various paranormal and supernatural phenomena. However, their existence is kept secret from the rest. It is community-based, having been created in 4chan.

The majority of the works on the SCP Wiki are made up of thousands of SCP Files, which are confidential quasi-scientific reports that document an SCP item and the methods of keeping it contained. 

There are also “Foundation Tales” short stories that feature characters and locations from the SCP universe. The literary works of the wiki have been highly praised for their ability to convey horror. in a semi-scientific and academic writing style and their high quality.

Many adaptations of the SCP universe have been inspired by fans and fan-made works in a variety of media including novels, drama, and video games.

SCP 001

What is SCP?

The fictional setting revolves around the activities and findings of the SCP Foundation. The Foundation is an international secret organization that consists of a scientific research institute and a paramilitary intelligence agent to support its goals. The Foundation, despite its secretive nature. is trusted by governments around the globe to capture and contain unexplained phenomena that defy laws. 

These include living creatures, artifacts, objects, locations, and people, as well as incomprehensible entities that display extraordinary abilities or have other unusual properties. Many of the most dangerous anomalies can pose a grave threat to human life and all life on Earth. if they are not contained. They are kept secret from the public to avoid mass panic and to allow thepeaksolution civilization to continue functioning normally.

SCP Of the World

Teams of undercover Foundation agents, often called Mobile Task Forces, are deployed whenever an SCP anomaly has been discovered. They either transport the object to a Foundation facility or contain it at the site of discovery. The goal of containment is to hide all information about the SCP from the public. if it is too widespread, obscure, or otherwise difficult to access. This can be done by censorship of mass media. and by forcing eyewitnesses to use an amnestic drug that erases their memories of anomalous incidents.

Last Word

Scientists study and research SCPs once they have been secured in the Foundation’s secret facilities. Due to the potential danger that some SCPs pose and the expendability of the D-class, the Foundation purchases human subjects. The Foundation keeps documentation of all SCPs they know about. This can include linking to related files and reports. These hulksms information about the SCPs, and also include instructions on how to keep them safe. [5]

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