Drag Chain Conveyor to Increase Efficiency in Industries

Inefficiency in the tasks and processes performed in industries gives a lot of stress and complexity, resulting in stress. Do you want your industries to be stress free, and operate with great results?

Again, it is better to work using a conveyor system. You must have come across this name many times because of their popularity and reach in various industries.

These are machines that take away your manual effort of handling heavy loads.

One category of conveyor systems that can really impress you, with its many features and benefits, are actually drag chain conveyors.

Drag Chain Conveyor

Their incomparable features and benefits include:


  • Robust and Sturdy
  • Manages to perform as a single and double chain
  • Flexible with 300 TPH capacity
  • Have best transferring speed, 25 feet per minute
  • Amendable with all space available


  • Properly works at inclination angle of 500
  • Handles all crushed, harsh, mildly rough, and even materials, slickly
  • Its large number of inlet and outlet points, helps to discharge supplies more easily
  • Supplies  items in vertical, inclined, horizontal directions
  • Used  for managing, carry-over difficulties
  • Easily and effectively conveys nearby items

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