Don’t Be A Hamster, Be A Zorb Ball!


If you’ve ever wanted to roll down a hill or through the woods, but you didn’t want to do it on foot and risk twisting an ankle or spraining your wrist, then now’s your chance! A zorb ball is essentially a large inflatable sphere with a lining on the inside. When someone steps into one, they have to close the door behind them. This is because when the ball is inflated, they become completely encased in what looks like a large hamster ball. They can then ride down hills and make their way through obstacles like trees and mud puddles!

The man who started it all

Inventor Alexander Pollock was a World War II veteran who worked as a lifeguard in the 1960s. One day while watching children play on the beach, he noticed they were having a lot of fun on the sand but would get tired and cold when they went back into the water. He thought that if they had something to protect them from the water that it might help them stay in longer and have more fun. This is how he invented what we now know as inflatable balls or Zorbing.

How does it work?

Zorbing is a recreational activity where people enter an inflatable sphere and roll downhill at high speeds. This can be done either on dry land or in water. The inflatable ball has an airtight lining which is inflated around the person inside it, so they are completely encased in what looks like a large hamster ball.

To start off, there are two types of zorbing- land zorbing and hydro zorbing. Landing zorbs are mostly used for kids as they find it more fun to do than wet ones. They can also be used by adults who want to experience something new and different that’s not too dangerous.

The most popular uses for zorbs

Zorbs can be used for a variety of purposes. Some people use them for fun in their backyard or at the beach. Others have found uses for zorbs that are more extreme, such as zorbing down a mountain or through a forest. The most common use for zorbs is racing them down hills and trying to get inside of other zorbs to reach the finish line first. 

The different types of zorbs

Zorbs come in a variety of sizes and weight capacities. Some zorbs can hold up to 600 pounds while others can only hold 50-100 pounds. The size and weight capacity are important factors to consider when purchasing your zorb because you want to be sure it will be able to support your weight and not pop or burst from the pressure.

Zorbs also come in various shapes including square, triangle, round, pentagon and octagon. This allows for more personalized experience for those who use them for recreation or therapy.

Are there any negative effects?

Zorbing is fun and adventurous but there are some risks involved. The biggest risk is that it can be very dangerous if the person in the ball falls or gets hit by something. If the ball has a tear or hole in it, then this would also pose a problem because there could be an escape of air and/or water inside. One other risk is that people have to make sure they get into the ball before someone else does so that they can close the door behind them. What this means is that you need to be careful when zorbing not to bump into things so as not to damage your own ball and/or another person’s zorb ball.

Zorbing can be found in many countries around the world. Countries with the most zorbing locations include the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It can also be found in Japan and Russia too. What’s more is that it’s a relatively inexpensive experience to partake in! In order for someone to go zorbing they must weigh between 110 lbs and 300lbs. The amount of time spent inside a zorb ball varies depending on how fast it’s being rolled or pushed around as well as where you are going to do it.

Last Word

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