Credit Origination Solutions | Automation to Transform Your Lending Chores 

Implementing loan origination solutions built on our low code digital automation platform will provide your business the flexibility and adaptability it needs to stay future-ready. The credit origination solutions are created specifically to meet the demands of banks and other financial institutions processing loan applications. A loan is issued through a number of stages, starting with finding a borrower, processing their information, checking their credit history, reviewing their documentation, and ultimately approving the loan and disbursing the funds or rejecting it.

 Loan origination software (LOS) can automate all of these procedures, providing a complete answer to loan origination needs while enhancing productivity, reducing risks, and strengthening connections with borrowers. Our loan origination software offers front and back office processing capabilities for banks.

Personalized Experience

Customers today demand highly tailored experiences in addition to speed. This entails offering contextual multi-touch services for both desktop and mobile devices.

Customers will be delighted and impressed by an automated onboarding procedure that provides transparency, and they may become brand promoters who will tell others about their quick and painless loan application process.

Financial service providers have a duty to keep track of client feedback after key consumer data has been collected during the onboarding procedures. This insightful information can be used to improve the loan origination procedure and round out other products in their portfolio.

Old Mutual’s customer point of contact resolution increased by 30% as a result of the comprehensive understanding they acquired of their clients. These helped the bank increase its net promoter score by an astonishing 15%, highlighting the effectiveness of a borrower-centric strategy.

Improved UX and Greater Customer Satisfaction

The moment is right for lenders to start offering loan origination through mobile devices, as there are already over 4.32 billion active mobile users worldwide, and over 70% of Americans utilize smartphones for various mobile banking-related services.

The much-needed mobility and flexibility necessary to submit loan applications through mobile devices are introduced by cloud-based loan origination software. Only a small number of authorized workers have access to information thanks to legacy software maintained by on-premise servers. This means that in order to complete the necessary paperwork, documentation, and verification processes, applicants must physically be present at the banks.

Modern loan origination systems promise a better user experience with a smarter interface that helps clients move through the process without having much guidance. They may be accessed at the touch of a button through applications on smartphones.

Reduced Turnaround Time for Loan Origination

Lenders may produce more loan applications in less time with more accuracy thanks to automation on several levels, including faster verification and underwriting using (ML-based predictive models) and decreased downtimes due to regular and timely software updates. This translates into more earnings, a larger clientele, and a wider market.

Increased Efficiency

Consumers and organizations alike now anticipate a more advanced digital interface when it comes to managing their finances as a result of the pervasiveness of digital customer experiences in all aspects of our life.

Processes like automobile purchases have been the driving force behind these raised client expectations. When purchasing a car from a dealership, customers can quickly get a loan approval from the dealership itself. However, it would take 24 to 48 hours if the customer sought out an independent financial services provider. This is a result of indirect lenders automating their underwriting processes to stay competitive and close deals with their clients.

Loan origination software will speed up while avoiding fraud and making fewer mistakes is the crucial topic that every lender needs to address. There are additional moving pieces to take into account, such as fraud detection teams, managers overseeing loan reviews, analysts, and credit checking services. Customers benefit from improved service, and loan providers can approve more loans and make more money by automating the loan origination process. a circumstance where everyone benefits.

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