Climb Aconcagua Mountains and explore beautiful places with us.

We, Acomara, are committed to our environment. And we must protect nature. Although the surroundings of mount Aconcagua are stunning, they can be very dangerous too. That is why we all should respect nature. We request each of our climbers refrain from bringing waste materials with them. We have our own team who take care of the cleanliness in the surroundings. 

We have our best services with medical facilities. Although we have excellent medical services facilities, one must avoid putting him at unnecessary risk as it can take time to reach the correct time with the correct person. Thus, as we say, no one has the right to put his life in danger.

We have an excellent Rescue team

Climbing Aconcagua can be very challenging. But we assure our clients with the best services we have. Whether it is cleaning, food, accommodation, or medical facility, we fulfill all our client’s needs. We focus on climbers’ safety, and to avoid such incidents, we have our best rescue team. They oversee helping every client in risky situations related to medical emergencies. Our rescue team is from the Mendoza Police department, and their goal is to safeguard the lives of the visitors. 

Aconcagua is situated in the lovely city of Mendoza and has its own beauty. Mount Aconcagua has different routes to follow, and one of the main routes is the regular route and the 360 Polish Glacier route. At the same time, the usual way is easy and comparable to the Polish glacier route. 

In our rescue operations, many people participated, such as park rangers’ services, Aconcagua Mountain guides, and climbers. Due to the long distances between the base camps, it can be exhausting and lead to some injuries. That is why mountaineers need to increase their capacity while climbing Aconcagua Mountain. 

Climbing at Aconcagua Mountain can be a great exercise in the open air. It requires much physical, psychological, and mental strength, as well as patience and determination. As Aconcagua Mountain has various routes to follow, these routes have different difficulties. For these difficulties, we have prepared our great team, who will guide you throughout your journey. 

Mountain sickness while climbing the mountain

While climbing the mountain, we face the most common problem, which could be a better adaptation to the altitude. And this problem mainly affects those who are not used to this altitude. Not all people face this problem; only a few people face this problem. Some common symptoms of this problem are mentioned below: 

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Lack of urine

Although, these symptoms disappear with time. But if you feel mild symptoms, we have our best medical services, who will be helping you with your problems. These symptoms should not be ignored as they can be very dangerous. These problems may affect your climbing journey and cause severe significant issues. It is common to lose weight during climbing. It commonly takes three months to recover. 

Consult your physician if you face any problems, or you can contact us. We will be happy to guide you in every possible way.

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