Choosing The Best Dishwasher for Your F&B Business Venture


Having your own business in the food and beverages industry could be strenuous for a lot of reasons. You need to be at the top of your game all the time to come up with various dishes that would entice the palate of your regular patrons while at the same time intriguing enough to attract the attention (and taste buds) of new and possible loyal consumers. 

Since this is your priority, some aspects of the business might have been shoved into the backseat. Nevertheless, this should not be the case since you would want every aspect of your business venture to go well.

One of those aspects that you must also prioritize is keeping your place and all the utensils, equipment, appliances, and wares that you use clean and sanitary. It is still possible that you ensure the cleanliness of your plates and silverware without having to spend so much time cleaning them or assigning one or more of your employees that could be doing something else instead by investing in an efficient, durable, and heavy-duty dishwasher.

Under counter commercial dishwasher

Under-counter commercial dishwashers are not that different from dishwasher models you could frequently see in houses. The method of use is the same as well. Just load the dirty dishes, pots, and pans, push a button and the machine will do its job of cleaning your crockery. 

The main difference with commercial dishwashers though is that they have quicker washing cycles which is a necessary feature so it would be easier for the restaurant or other commercial establishment to be ready with clean plates and utensils, especially during peak hours. 

If your kitchen is quite small, say your restaurant has not yet taken off or you only serve simple and quick dishes, the under-counter dishwasher would suffice. If your kitchen is averaging 20 or more (but would not exceed 35) bins of dirty dishes, an under-counter dishwasher is enough since it is able to clean 35 containers of dirty dishes in an hour including but not limited to plates and cutleries.

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Another type of commercial dishwasher is the passthrough dishwasher which is what busier kitchens have. This type of dishwasher is designed to accommodate 80 racks of dirty dishes in an hour and is best suited for kitchens that prepare 230 plus meals per serving period.

The name for this type of dishwasher is coined because of how the dirty dishes will “pass-through” the dishwasher and come out the other side already clean. These dishwashers operate on a “feed-in” and “feed-out” system making it easier to decipher which dishes are already clean for use again or for storing.

It is better that you know beforehand which type of dishwasher is best suited for your needs and business venture. Remember that dishwashers are designed and built to cut the amount of time it will need to manually wash dirty cutlery, chinaware, and cooking wares. This is the main consideration especially if your kitchen is busy during the whole duration of your operation hours.

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