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Submitting your idea to a manufacturing company can be a great way to get your product off the ground. Some companies pay up to $500 for successful submissions, and others offer licensing agreements for successful ideas. A company focused on automotive aftermarket solutions, for example, may be the best place to submit your idea. Another good company to try is Sharper Image, which specializes in lifestyle and home electronics products. Their dedicated email address allows people to send them product ideas.

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The Ford Foundation is a great place to submit invention ideas. The Ford Foundation will pay you royalties if your idea is developed and makes it to market. You can submit your invention ideas online, and if your i idea invention is accepted, they will contact you and give you feedback. This private foundation is dedicated to advancing the welfare of humanity and is particularly interested in practical innovations. Their website can be found here.

The company is looking for new inventions and can offer up to $500 for successful submissions. Inventors can also consider licensing agreements to get their products to the market. The company also pays for product ideas that are related to sports. It also has a dedicated email address for those interested in submitting product ideas.

Inventions are evaluated by a quirky staff to determine their viability and design potential. In some cases, these inventions will move forward into the design phase. In other cases, they may not be selected, but quirky members are still able to contribute to the process. Once chosen, quirky staff will select a product for production and marketing.

The best place to submit invention iv is a company that is interested in your idea inventions. While this is only the first step, the idea may be something you want to sell later. It is important to do some research to find a company that will invest in your invention idea. After all, a great invention can change the way society lives.

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When searching for a place to submit invention ideas, it is important to check with companies that pay royalties. If your idea is successful, companies may contact you for an interview or to discuss more details. These companies are always interested in hearing from people who have an innovative idea for a product. There are also other places you can submit invention ideas to, such as the Ford Foundation.

Another company that is open to receiving your invention idea is Spectrum Brands, a consumer goods company specializing in automotive care. The company, headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin, is the successor of Rayovac Corporation. It accepts ideas for new automotive, home, and garden products, hardware tools, and pet care products.

When you submit your invention, you need to create a prototype, which can be anything from a simple paper prototype to a complex 3-D model. If your idea is expensive, you can also make it into a computer-animated virtual prototype. These can be used to refine your idea and sell it to potential buyers.

Before you decide to submit your invention idea, be sure that it is original. There is a good chance that someone else has already come up with a similar idea. Also, make sure that you check if it’s already been patented. Many companies do not purchase inventions that are already on the market.


The best place to submit invention ideasis a website or organization that has a proven track record and has launched a number of successful products. You can find a list of these websites or organizations by browsing the internet. To submit your invention idea for consideration, you must complete the application process. The entire process is simple and should take no more than an hour.

The introduction of your paper should move from a general context to the research problem. Then you should move to the specific analysis. The conclusion should state how your research will contribute to the larger context. The conclusion should restate the key finding of the paper. As a rule, you should start your paper with a general introduction and literature review, and then move to a detailed analysis of the research problem. Finally, the conclusion of your paper should provide an overview of the paper’s implications.

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