Finally, Valve fixes Steam’s dated iOS and Android apps

iOS and Android

The clearly outdated Steam mobile app for iOS and Android has finally been updated by Valve, who have included a host of new features. The first Steam mobile app from Valve was released well over ten years ago, and for a very long time, it seemed incredibly old.

However, as of right now, users of iOS and Android devices may get a totally updated version through the respective app stores for their devices.

The most noticeable change is a much more simplified android app design, which provides rapid access to the shop.

Personalised news, Steam Guard, and alerts, as well as revealing crucial features like wish lists.

However, there are many other changes as well.

The app now has a full library view, quick access to manuals, debates, and other community features, as well as links to things like personal screenshots for each title.

Additionally, users may control remote game and update downloads to their PC or Steam Deck.

Aside from alerts for things like friend requests, comments, swaps, and wishlist titles being on sale, there is also support for numerous accounts.

Though the addition of QR codes for Steam Guard may be the most useful. In order to sign into Steam, for example, on a PC, you no longer need to enter your user name, password, and verification code. All you need to do is scan a QR code with your smartphone on the login screen to do so. Additionally, there is a new Android Devices page that shows where you are presently logged in and gives you the ability to revoke access if necessary.

This is useful if you ever need to remotely sign out of Steam for whatever reason, such as forgetting to log out at a friend’s house.

Valve said other new features are already being developed and will be added once the app update is released. For example, Steam Deck will accept QR sign-in. Additional notification kinds will be supported, and a version of the Authorized Devices list will be available for browsers and the Steam client.

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