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Since a young age, I have explored magical ideas and practices. Fascinated by divination and mysticism, I have begun a formal study of spiritual, ritual, and herbal magic and have been practicing mostly to improve my life and those of my loved ones.

My African-American Southern roots gave me an instant recognition of Hoodoo and rootwork as a powerful and immediate tool to help myself and others with an emphasis on the use of candles and herbal magic.

I am now ready to share my gifts with others in the hope that I may be of some assistance.

Psychic Sister believes in working on a situation for a while whenever possible, even if it will not go your way. I believe in this for a couple of reasons. The first reason: you may grow and change from the process of working on the situation and see the situation with more clarity no matter the outcome. The second reason: you may align yourself with having your wish fulfilled or your needs met from an unexpected source by doing the work simply because you have put energy into things coming to fruition.

That being said, there are certain types of work I will not do. I don’t do break up work. If you need this type of service, there are other workers who would be glad to help you. I avoid doing harsh work as much as I can, but if harsh work is called for, my aim is to cause as little collateral damage as possible. Because the truth of the matter is, what goes around comes back around my friends. And that is a fact. My favorite work to do is prosperity and love work. I strive to recommend cost effective things that are not too complicated. I am really interested in hoodoo that can help us in our modern lives, like formulating an oil that can give us success with online dating, or work you can do to support your online business or work from home.

Good old fashioned spiritual baths are the thing Psychic Sister has found to be the most important and helpful thing I can recommend, and I have a real fondness for candle work. I’m always happy to light one to assist in a situation. Homemade room sprays and sprinkles are also quite effective in changing the energy in a space and bringing in the condition that you want. Often a traditional mojo hand will be just what you need. And usually, a card reading can show which work would be most effective.

There are certain situations that will take so much work that it would be counterproductive to start, and if I feel that is the case, I will let you know. When there are things I don’t know how to do, I can recommend another member of the hoodoo community to help resolve a situation. However, I aim day by day to do more and more with the goal of bringing all good things into being.

My great hope is that in trying times and situations I can be of assistance to you, and encourage you to get all the things you need, and some of the things you want.

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