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Aconcagua 360 – The best route to climb America’s highest mountain

Your search for Aconcagua 360, the best route to climb America’s highest mountain, ends here. It is the combination of the ascent through the Polish Traverse route viewing the stunning landscape of the Andes mountains.  And to descend through the normal route easily and fast without any issues.  Hence, over one-third of the climbers prefer this route over many others to safely fulfil their adventurous and mountaineering dreams.  And, without missing the natural beauty of climbing around 7,000 feet above sea level. It is because Aconcagua, though the highest non-technical mountain worldwide, is also tough to climb. 

So, check out how the Aconcagua 360 is the best route to reach the peak safely and enjoy the climb every foot without many issues. 

What is Aconcagua 360?

Aconcagua is a hidden gem in Argentina that thousands come to climb every year for a pleasant vacation.  As South America’s heart and the highest non-technical mountain worldwide, it provides the best precursor to climbing Mount Everest. The Aconcagua expedition could be a rejuvenating experience for your mind and body for ten to twenty days. And there are over 30 established routes to climb all the 6,932 meters above sea level to reach the peak.  And the best among them is the Aconcagua 360 route, which provides a 360-degree view of the Andes mountains and America.  Hence over 35% of climbers take this route to reach the Aconcagua peak enjoying all the way up without any issues. 

Why is Aconcagua 360 route the best climb to the highest mountain in America?

Though there are many routes to climb, Aconcagua 360 route is the best for many reasons. Since it includes the Polish Traverse or the Vacas Valley route to view the valleys of the Andes mountains and is also adventurous.  With the help of the best Aconcagua guides, it could be without any issues but with only enjoyment.  Taking the normal route back to Mendoza will be fast and easy to also enjoy the natural beauty at its best. There are also many other reasons for Aconcagua 360 to be the best route to climb the highest mountain worldwide, only next to the Himalayas.

  • It is a combination of the normal and the Vacas Valley routes to have the best of both to have a good time to remember throughout life.
  • Enables to enjoy up to the peak through the Polish Traverse to fulfil the adventurous passion with fewer issues
  • Offers the normal route to descend Aconcagua fast to reach Mendoza on the other side to also enjoy its spectacular views
  • Suitable for starters to seasoned climbers to make their dream of climbing the second-highest mountain in the world easy, safe and fast
  • Can enjoy the 360-degree view of Aconcagua climbing and descending from two sides to never forget the magnificent mountain your entire life

The above facts and reasons will convince you to take the Aconcagua 360 route with the help of the best services to enjoy your vacation to make it memorable.

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