5 Reasons To Quit Smoking Today- Why Vaping Is A Better Option?

vaping vs smoking

Vaping is not a trend anymore, and it has become a culture in the world of modern gadgets. Smoking is now considered an overrated phenomenon. Imagining the electronic future of cigarettes was considered impossible in the past. But all those who scoffed at this idea can now witness the vape of reality. Not only reality but immense popularity. All those who doubted the combination of electricity and smoking are out of words today. In 2021 the worth of vaping industry was 20 billion dollars. And by the end of 2022, the worth will be hovering around more than 30 billion dollars.

Cigarettes are revolutionized

In a short period, smoking went through the process of evolution. It took shape in various forms. Every category is available with advanced technology, from regular to disposable vape devices. This revolution in smoking not only changed the shape of smoking sources. But it also altered the way smoking was perceived. Previously and today, the thought of tobacco consumption is not welcomed socially. Whereas, since the introduction and fame of vape bars, the concept of vaping has been appreciated. The appreciation is observed in terms of being a healthier alternative. The praise of vaping does not end here. Today, Public Health England and other authorities regard vaping as the most effective way to leave smoking. 

Despite the widespread scare and misconception about vapes, the advice of many researchers remains the same. That is, electronic cigarettes are 95 per cent less hazardous than using cigarette packets. So that now you are equipped with the basic introduction of vape e-bars. Should we not tell you the 6 famous reasons to quit smoking today? If you are still on this blog post, continue reading because the following paragraphs are about those 5 reasons. Let us begin!

The smoke smell lingers for a long time.

Once you take an excellent tobacco hit, your clothes become the first evidence of it. Anyone near you can detect the annoying cigarette smell. By the time this embarrassing cigarette scent becomes a part of your personality. So getting rid of this aspect is the number one motivation and reason to quit smoking today. You can go for vaping instead. Because studies have suggested that the vapour clouds exhaled during the vaping break down within seconds. The vapour clouds evaporate quickly without compromising the air quality, even in a room with inadequate ventilation. 

Smoking is boring in terms of flavours.

If you have not tried vaping, you may not be familiar with delicious flavours other than bland tobacco. There are countless flavour options to explore in a regular and disposable vape device. Every kind of tempting e-juice is available, from tailor-made to a broad category range. The flavours offered by most vape companies come with an icy cooling effect. This kind of effect provides a long-lasting good throat hit.

Smoking can not be done everywhere.

Some places ban smoking. The sites mainly include professional domains like offices and sensitive areas like petrol stations. Luckily, the places that prohibit vape bars are much fewer than those that ban the use of cbdprimetimes.

Smoking is a toxin to the environment.

Smoking tobacco-based products are not only harmful as an act of active smoking. But it is also dangerous for other people as passive smoking. Considerably, there are fewer harmful ingredients in your vape e-bar as compared to tobacco cigarettes. The exhaled smoke of cigarettes contains no less than seven thousand poisonous substances. In comparison, the e-liquid inside vape gadgets comprises only 4 main ingredients. They are propylene glycol or PG, vegetable glycerin or VG, different flavours, and nicotine. The addition of the last ingredient is often optional in many casinopronews.

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Smoking is more addictive than vaping.

The final reason is the most crucial one. Smoking is not easy to cut down over time. If you try quitting smoking without Vaping, you will puff tobacco again. In contrast, if you switch to vaping, you are provided with the option of controlling nicotine strength. This means you can slowly reduce the daily nic intake as you proceed!

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