5 best places to gift your partner with a diamond ring


Diamond rings are special not just because they look pretty but also because of what they signify. For a very long time, diamonds have been associated with eternal love because of their durability. They one of the hardest substance known to man. Therefore, they are the choice of stones when it comes to proposals, engagements and weddings. When you gift a diamond jewellery to someone, it means that the person means a lot to you. And if it’s a diamond ring, then the person is your soul mate. There are many places where you can gift a diamond ring to your partner.


One of the most common places to present your partner with a diamond ring is a restaurant. This is a very traditional option but a very popular one and therefore the restaurant tops our list. You must have seen or heard of many proposals in a restaurant where the ring is presented. This is probably due to the ambient lighting and the interiors of the restaurant that make the atmosphere special. Most restaurants have cosy private corners that you can book and have a good time with your partner and gift guestpostsale the diamond ring at the end of it.

The place of your first date

The place where you took your partner on your first date is probably very special to both of you. Therefore, presenting a diamond ring to them in that place will mean the world not just to them but for you too. It will bring back the memories of your first date and remind the both of you why you’ll fell in love with each other.

The park

The place which ranks second after the restaurant which has seen a lot of proposals with a diamond solitaire engagement rings hatton garden is a park. It could be any park, and the general relaxing atmosphere of a park with the greenery and colourful flowers providing the perfect backdrop, makes it an ideal place for not just a proposal but for presenting a diamond ring to your partner as well.

The beach

Although the beach may seem like a very unlikely place to gift your partner with a diamond ring, it is actually one of the most preferred places for the same. The beach is considered one of the most romantic places and may be that is the reason why many people choose a place with a beach for a romantic getaway. There is something about the fine golden sand and turquoise blue waters and the sound of the gentle lapping of waves that sets the mood for a special moment where you present the mybrandplatform ring to your partner.

In the air

The excitement of flying is truly unparalleled. One of the most unique and offbeat places where you can present your partner with a lab grown diamond ring is while the two of you are flying. And it just doesn’t have to be a mundane airplane. It could also be a helicopter ride or a private hot air balloon ride.

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